At arrival to the establishment and after checking conformity with the housing, you will pay (in cash) for the total of your stay and you will fill out a check-in file that will aswell be sent to the state security bodies according to the existing legislation on lodgings and also will be required an ID card. You will be given our house rules document that will also be signed momentlly.

If it is a complete rent of the house you will have to give a 200€ bond for the use of the living area.

It has to be totally clean in order to get you bond back.

  • Aitetxe country house is a full rental house,therefore only includes accommodation for 12 persons and all of them will have to signout the checkin file.
  • Nobody that has not signed out the check-in file will be able to have use our be in the house.
  • If for some reason you would have to leave before checkout reservation date you will not get your money back.
  • AITETXE will offer you Claims Forms if you would like to record any complaints
  • Weekend Occupation: checkin will be after 2am on friday and chechout always before 12 am on sunday.
  • Check-in will always be before 11pm. If it is not posible you could be charged with an 25€ bonus beacuse of late reception.
  • Check-in and check-out hours will at all time have to be respected, if not, you may be charged with an extra 15€, always begging able to negociate beforehand.
  • From 11:00pm to 10:00 am, you can not play loud music, yell, sing, or any activity that might disturb neighbors.


  • Multimedia files, movies, music, are for the exclusive use of the house and can not be stored or copied to other computers or devices, in any case.
  • It is not allowed to change the current location of the furniture of the house, which coincides with the one you can see on this website. The installations are located and maintained in good use.
  • The heating system consists of an oil boiler to keep you warm through radiators throughout the house. Its operation is automatic by thermostat. The price of your stay includes fuel, making appropriate use of this service and keep the thermostat at a temperature not exceeding 22 degrees.
  • Must keep the lights out of those rooms that are not used in the house at the moment, to encourage energy saving.
  • Electrical appliances will be used the same way just when needed. When using ceramic vitro, please turn off before the end, considering that stays hot for a long period of time after and in the case of the dishwasher, fully loaded and on environmental programs.
  • The house is full rental therefore it will be given completely clean and there shall be NO cleaning for the duration of the stay. At the check-out the house must be completely clean.


  • If you stay in the house more than 7 days we will change the bed linen and bath linen.
  • Customers will find all appliances in perfect working order, and must them in same condition at checkout. If there would be a fault in any of them you should inform the owners of the house.
  • It provides a complete equipment for the kitchen. Tableware, kitchenware, glassware, cutlery and kitchen utensils, to be left clean and properly placed, each in its proper place.
  • Garbage or trash must be deposited in the containers at the entrance or in other parts of the town.
  • You will be charged with a cleaning fee of 150 € for non-compliance with the standards of cleanliness and maintenance.


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